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to perryville. >>> a popular bishop accused of sexual assault addressed his congregation for the first time since the allegations surfaced. >> 71,000 enjoyed their tailgate in the rain. then joe flacco pour three shots into bolden's hands as the ravens beat the browns. you like that, kim? very good. >>> good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. >> how about a hand for megan pringle for making national -- you looked great. >> you're very sweet. i feel very silly even talking about it because that whole show was amazing. the girls are so amazing. >> it's about us, though, it's about us, right? that's the most important thing. >> no, i thought it showed baltimore in a great light. i think it was a very proud moment. >> i was very proud of our show last night. >> i have a special good morning. 5:30 this morning. from perry and gail in parkville. gail has her dog on her lap, they watch every morning at 5:30. great to meet you this weekend. >>> meteorologist justin berk is here. it poured on the tailgate and then the skies were beautiful. >> i think it was washing away th
water tower in perryville. our first casino. linda so says we can start playing today. >> reporter: get ready. in about two and a half hours maryland's first slots casino will be open for business. the casino in perryville is actually opening a little earlier than expected. it was originally supposed to open its doors this thursday. but the casino got its license over the weekend after a successful trial run on saturday. that paves the way for maryland's first casino to open since voters approved slots nearly two years ago. the four other locations still have big hurdles before opening. the casino at arundel mills is going back to the voters in november. operators at perryville say they are happy to be the first to open and to provide hundreds of local jobs in the state of the art facility. the 35,000-square foot slots parlor in cecil county has 1,500 slot machines, two restaurants, all set in the hollywood movie backdrop. again, the casino in perryville will open in about an hour and a half. 8:00 this morning. grand opening ceremonies are set for thursday. in the studio, linda so, abc2
's first slots casino will officially open for business. the hollywood casino in perryville will open at 8:00 this morning. abc2 news linda so is in the studio ready to gamble. linda? >> reporter: yes, get ready. 1,500 slot machines, lots of food and drinks, in a hollywood theme. the casino is opening a little earlier than expected. it was originally supposed to open this thursday. instead, that is when the grand opening will be, with today being their soft opening. the casino got its license over the weekend after a successful trial run saturday. more than a thousand people were invited to a close-door charity event. it paves the way for the casino to open since voters approved slots nearly two years ago. the casino at arundel mills is going back to the voters in november. operators at perryville say they are happy to be the first to open and boost the local economy. >> we have 350 employees, 80% of which are from harford and cecil counties. so, to be the first, i think it's just an exciting thing for everybody. >> reporter: again, the hollywood casino in perryville will officially open i
. mountain health, we do have an accident there in the perryville region. as far as volume, we are in pretty good shape. this is a quick live look outside. things are flowing smoothly at harford road. a problem-free writing so far on the west side at liberty. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> with nearly six weeks to go until americans head to the poll, leaders are preparing to roll out their agenda. >> kate amara is in our washington bureau with more. >> the pledge to america it is like a sequel to the contract with america, a campaign platform designed to show voters the gop is listening and ready to govern. >> a pledge to america. >> leaders rolled out their pledge to america today. it is designed to win control of congress. >> it is important that a party stand for something besides the other guy is no good. >> cut spending, repeal of replace the health care law. >> the american people understand that is the economy, stupid. >> the pledge will come in handy on the campaign trail back home. >> every time they are asked what do you stand for, they will have the talking points. >>
, in perryville in cecil county. you can start gambling in one hour and 58 minutes. listened -- linda so plans on winning in one hour and 59 minutes. that's quick. >> reporter: give me some time. set your alarm for 8:00 this morning, that is when you'll hear the slots coming to life. the casino in perryville is opening a little earlier than expected. it was originally supposed to open this thursday but the casino got its license over the weekend after a successful trial run on saturday. that paves the way for maryland's first slots parlor to open since voters approved slots nearly two years ago. the four other locations still have big hurdles before opening. the casino at arundel mills is going back to voters in november. operators at perryville say they are happy to be the first to open and boost the local economy with hundreds of jobs. the hollywood casino is 35,000 square feet, has 1,500 slot machines, two restaurants and many shops. >> we have 350 employees, 80% of which are from harford and cecil counties. so, to be the first, i think it's just an exciting thing for everybody. >> reporter
related to the weather overnight. mountain hill, watch for an accident there in perryville. so far so good on the this portion of the beltway. southbound towards 32 it looks good. this is a greenspring and it looks good in both loops. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. as we get closer to election day, the debate over slots parlors becomes more of a hot- button issue. >> one debate is whether to place a parlor in anne arundel county. jennifer franciotti joins us with the very latest. >> david cordish has been going door to door and has knocked on more than 500 doors and plans to campaign on the weekends and evenings. >> i am david cordish. >> david cordish is a man on a mission. >> i do not know if you know how much revenue is involved. >> and he wants to put in a slots parlor near anne arundel mall. he said $40 million will be generated for education in the first year. >> locate next to the number one tourist destination, 14 million people. that is what people want. they want to be able to do other things. >> those opposed have teamed up with the maryland jockey club. c
ago in cecil county. we're live in perryville. we have more on the hollywood casino around there. good afternoon, derek. >>> they weren't set to open the doors until thursday morning. but after a successful test run, the lottery commissioner gave them the clear and they opened their doors and plenty of people opened their doors and plenty of training their luck. >> it's nice in there. i came here to win. >> reporter: it's a 34,000 square foot slot lover's dream. it's loaded with u-spin and "sex and the city." >> we have the newest games. we have some of the games that las vegas don't have. >> and while they won't have table games, they're trying to lure the gamblers with the electronic blackjack tables. and the show business theme lends itself to the latest movie promotions and they're really promoting maryland expected to generate hundreds of millions a year and creating 350 new jobs employing most of the people like nicki deal. >> i was fortunate to get the job. gladly, i didn't have to look too hard for it. >> the soft opening underway now, but officials here at the casino plan on h
. hollywood casino in perryville hass1500 clot machines ready to go at 8:00 a.m. this morning. the openinggis happening three days ahead of schedulee ththe opening turned raiser on monday weet so well, that they allowed them to ooen in a few hours. they nvested $59.7 million in this place and ended consttuction just a few days earlier. they are bbinging millions of dollars a year in state reeeeue. maryland can start competing with the borddr states that ave beee in slots game for years. >> obviously the competition isú relatively close, casinos within 30 miles of them the clooest one, but we feel like the product we have here, the lots it'' going to be he best slot >> morr than 350 full-time jobs have been createddand 80% of perryville employees are cecil and howaad county residents. governor o'malley will be there for the ribbon cutting. three others that were originalll planned could be a year or even more away. >>> the maryland lottery commission comes out with a cooe of conduct ffr themselves and the employees at the new perryyille slots parlor. the rules rohibitt workers and commis
from tomorrow. ttey are putting the finishing touches oo the hollywood casino in perryville off 95 ii cecil county. today members of the slots commission took a tour of the ú%sino offering 1500 slots. %-the first out of the gate. be happy for obviously as a company. aaddhappy for the city of perryville, cecil couuty and maryland as a whole. >> the cecil county slots casino is company expected to employ 350 people. >> it heated up today before thh storms tonight. >> we have less than 90 secondd left in the summer seasoo. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with the latest. hard to believe. >> summer is going by. welcoming in the fall season. autumn. autumnal eqqiiox about tt take place. and it looks like autumn is bringing in thunderstorms. heavy rain ppshed thrruuh. frequent liihtning. most of the activity on the h.d. %-south of dover.ern shore, lineeis vigooous on the open waters of the atlantic. as we put ttis in motion. with strong storrs over new jersey. through wilmington. they had gusty thunderstorms and lots of lightning with this system. but it looks like most of the ú%t
in perryville is already welcoming guests even though the official grand opening is not until this thursday. inside you'll find 1,500 slots and lots of food and lots of drinks. >> something to make perryville grow a little bit. bring the people into town. helps lower our taxes a little bit. >> it is exciting. very exciting don't have to drive to delaware anymore. >> the casino created 350 full time jobs. it's open from 8:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the morning everyday. >>> when you want to save money and you're flying you usually check out southwest or airtran for discounts. but your choices are shrinking. sherrie johnson is live at bwi marshall with big changes that could possibly cost you more money. >> reporter: that's right. there's some big news coming from bwi marshall international airport. two major airline carriers known for deep discounts actually plan to merger. southwest airlines says it plans to buy airtran for a reported $1.4 billion. bwi marshall is the airline's largest east coast hub. the two carriers serve 70% of the passengers flying in and out of bwi marshall. the dea
! >> reporter: all right. has been cut in perryville, nearly two years after maryland voters decisively approve the introduction of slots parlors and though they have come to legalize later, the new $98 million emporium is designed to capture the business. >> and we're preventing the dollars from leaving and they staying here. and. >> reporter: the 1500-slot machine facility finished early. they decided to open early on monday. customers found this place quickly. and the average number of people, 7,000 a day. >> reporter: along them, this baltimore resident who thinks nearby gaming is overdue. >> have you played slots in other states? >> yes, i have. >> and you were the terms of the gambling license, 67% is the profit from each machine and this is technically a slots- only parlor, some of the machines are designed to compete with nearby table gaming, this is roulette and three-card poker and this is electronic black jack complete with a virtual deal and in perryville, maryland. >> reporter: new information about a charter bus crash. still ahead on t
casino in perryville on september 30th. perryville is 70 miles from the dc beltway. by the way, a trial run casino night for charity has been scheduled for this weekend. >>> coming up next, howard and the forecast. >>> j.c., first full day of autumn and we are going to the 80s. we will talk about the threat of thunderstorms when i come back and we will talk about how cool it will get and the allergy update for the day. it's come in. the mold spores and weed poll reason moderate. weeds and grasses are low. a lot coming up on the other side of the break. is >>> it looked like a scene from a horror movie. a sea of stink bugs marching across a frederick county home. these annoying insects aren't just infesting maryland. they are all over from the district to west virginia. james hatch just got back from hazardous duty. >> i have had it. we have all had it. everyone here has had it. >> reporter: you could say there is something bugging this urbana resident. and this is the nightmare. >> stink bugs. >> her farmhouse is crawling with these pests on the walls, in the windows, inside of their ca
video poker becames as well. the hollywood casino in perryville will close at 2:00 a.m. and it starts this morning at 2:00 hours from now. >>> the fight over the slots in arundel mills malls continues this weekend. the would be developer met with several people and stressed out the slots could create several jobs. and voters in anne arundel county will have the say in november. >> and the police are looking for those behind a pair of shootings. police responded to those behind the shootings. a man was shot in the chest and he's in critical condition and a few hours later, a man was shot with a shotgun. >>> the parents of a slain girl on the eastern shore want the ousted state's attorney to remain on the case. the body of the girl was found onychas day last year. the convicted sex offender goes on trial next april. and the state's attorney recently lost in the primary. his family wants him to be in charge of the prosecution. the two remaining say they'll consider it. >>> a georgia minister is vowing accusations that he lured children into sexual relations. he said he's the one being wr
at the hollywood casino in perryville opened three days ahead of schedule. tony marsala was there as the first slots players showed up to pull the levers. >> reporter: at 8:00 monday morning the new hollywood casino in perryville opened its doors. >> it's making perryville grow a little bit. bring the people into town. lower our taxes a little. >> reporter: the casino hopes to improve the local economy by bringing in tax revenue. it has 350 full time jobs plus money from tourists. >> we have grandkids and our sons live in the area. we come up often. it's nice. >> reporter: it hopes to keep slots money in the state. >> i believe something like 40% of the delaware business historically has come from the state of maryland. we're going to keep that in the state now. >> it's exciting. very exciting. don't have to drive to delaware anymore. >> reporter: after a late decision sunday night to open monday the casino still plans to hold its grand opening thursday but for many who have been waiting today was a good chance to see if the casino was worth a trip back. >> it's good we'll be back. >> he told
four years ago is now open for business. the perryville hollywood casino is just off of 95, about 60 miles north of the beltway. scott broom reports, even though the opening was three days early an announced 12 hours ahead of time a big crowd was there. >> reporter: what's remarkable about this is how quickly it happened and how many showed up on short notice when the doors here in per i haveville opened at 8:00 this morning. >> i hope you are ready to have a bunch of fun. >> reporter: the $97 million casino in perryville. >> my husband got me 0 out of bed and said let's take a ride. >> reporter: an unexpected opening announced on the late evening news turned out thousands a few hours lair. among them 92-year-old thelma adams who wore what she called her magic hat for good luck. >> i put an abracadabra on the place. i'm going to win. win big! >> general manager is in charge of a 34,000 square foot gaming floor and 1500 video gambling machines owned by the state of maryland but operated by penn national gaming for a 33% cut of the take. >> minute we opened the doors at 8:00, customers
at the hollywood casino perryville. officials for penn national gaming said the plans are still on track for a grand opening on september 30. coming up next, the cast of "community" love join us live to talk about the new season. a recall no parents will want to miss. dr. kim hammond is here to answer your pet questions. why is roman meal bread nutritious? two slices provide at least sixteen grams of whole grains and an excellent source of calcium. roman meal bread: great taste and nutrition since nineteen-twelve. >> nearly 5 million cans of baby formula are being recalled after fears they could be contaminated by bugs -- beetle parts to be exact. the company says there is no serious side effects, but it could cause digestive issues. blockbuster has officially filed for bankruptcy. the deal will slash the company's debt by roughly $900 million while it works to reorganize. the chain has struggled under increased competition. earlier this year, the company closed roughly 10% of its stores. under the plan, a remaining 3000 stores will stay open. still to come, dr. kim hammond is here to an
of perryville emppoyees aae cecilland harford county maryland re residents.ú governor o'malley will be on3 hand for the ribbon cutting on tuesday. it appears that the ocean downs ccsino will be the next slots opening in maryland. >>> theemaryland lottery commmssion comes out wiih a rules for them. it prohibits themmfrom playing the machines unless it's part of official duty eets. they ban the employees from using their positions to gain ffvors. >>> will you play for the slots now they're in mmryland? that's the questionnof the day. we will take your calls in the 7:00 hour. yyu can go and souud off through facebook or text your answer to 45203. enterrfox 45a for yes or foxx45b for no. >>> a patient at the clifton pishing inns hhspitaperkins hosd in her room. her bed.úhs was found dead ii ú%ey went to check on her. she wws killed by 4-year-old 46-year-old aa!46-yearroldtaylo. tayllr has been charged with3 first and second-degree murder. investigators re have not released a motiveefor the crime. >>> a towson universityyrugby player was laid to rest this weekend. he was found dead in his apartm
is closed. north of baltimore when you get to the perryville exit, you will be forced off the interstate all the way to the delaware memorial bridge. take a little extra time. back to you. >> thank you. >>> it is 61 degrees. >> we will be right back. >>> you may remember him in an "invasion of the body snatchers." actor kevin mccarthy died in cape cod, massachusetts. he played in the 1966 science- fiction movie classic. he won an oscar nomination as a screen actor in the film "death of a salesman." he was 90 years old. >>> oprah winfrey kicks off her 25th and final farewell season this afternoon. she says it will be the best season yet. >> she claims to have an unforgettable surprise for the first show. now what she might have been store. -- in store. >> her final farewell season. >> this really is my 25th season, after all. >> this is former first show -- >> my last chance to do something really big. >> she is promising one of the biggest surprises in her show history. >> it cannot be a vehicle. >> it cannot be a gift for a particular person. it will be something bigger. >> fans are guessin
, but today the casino in perryville will have its grand opening. the 35,000 square foot slots parlor in cecil county has two restaurants set up like a hollywood movie back drop. the casino brings 350 new jobs to the area. governor martin o'malley as well as perryville aaron hart will be on hand at 10:00 a.m. the casino is open from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. every singing day. >>> in the words are vanessa williams, he saved the best for last. kevin millwood shut out the tampa bay rays last night. 2-0. the orioles will avoid 100 losses, how about that? 31-and-22 under buck. tampa gave out 22,000 free tickets. total attendance was 36,000. supposed to be fan appreciation night, i don't think they'll get this one in. >>> tropical storm nicole is leaving her mark all over the east coast. >> coming up: we'll tell you where folks are bracing for more wind and heavy rain. >>> plus: there's so much to learn about breast cancer. in our think pink series this morning, we'll tell you about five myths surrounding the disease. >>> these coaches could use a lesson in anger management. this was a peewee football
casino in perryville officially began welcoming guests yesterday. three days ahead of schedule. the official grand opening is planned for thursday but a lot of people checked it out yesterday. >> something to make perryville grow a little bit. bring the people into town. helps lower our taxes a little bit. >> it is exciting. very exciting. don't have to drive to delaware anymore. >> the casino created 350 full time jobs, now open from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. everyday. >>> 6:06. the kids are probably tired of the school lunches by now. >> coming up, we have some quick and simple ways to make them a little more healthy so your kids will enjoy them. plus, thinking pink all week long. we have tips for you on how to help lower your risk of breast cancer. >> and things are cooling down around here but some folks are not feeling it in their neck of the woods. >>> time to get you back to work. every wednesday on "good morning maryland" we put three video resumes on the air. you've seen them. send an e-mail to bestresumes@wmar.com. with a microsoft word tornado watchment. we'll call you
right. >>> it didn't stop people from checking out the new hollywood casino in perryville. they were joined for the new grand opening and take a look at how the casino has benefitted the local economy. >> here we go. come on baby. >> reporter: it was miserable and wet outside. inside ... >> 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: ... they still celebrate requested a ribbon-cutting ceremony one month early of maryland's first casino. >> our economy is changing. we're creating new opportunities for tourism and economic growth here in cecil county. >> we're looking for this casino to be the anchor store for further development with this 140 acres, retail, other entertainment. >> i love that sound. >> reporter: inside the casino will be 150-seat buffet, grille and gift shop. outside ample parking for 1600 cars and for the people of pa raise oh, jobs. >> the casino at opening hired 350 people. they had over 3,000 that applied for jobs. >> kim townly was a stay-at home mom. >> i've had a job in two years. i went to their career fair or their information sessions, interviews, and i got hired here. >> i was u
is live in perryville, derek valcourt has more. >> reporter: day one is business is really booming here. i can tell you that right now it is packed in there and as the day progresses, more people are showing up here hoping to hit the jackpot. >> they came early, they came in numbers. they came with cash. >> i'm here to try my luck. >> i'm here to look at it and see what it's all about. >> i came to get the money. >> reporter: opening day drew thousands of gambling to put their money on maryland's new slots parlor, a 75,000 casino that finished a state run this weekend. >> a buffet, a bar and 1,500 gaming machines like classics with u-pin and new favorites like sex in the city. >> it's nice, looks good, we were here a few times before the roads were in. >> reporter: it took maryland a year of debate to generate a facility like this. they've already hired 350 mull time jobs and they're betting they'll draw customers away from casinos in near by states like pennsylvania and delaware. so far it appears that's a safe bet. >> we go to hollywood casino in pennsylvania and we love it and we also g
ccsino in perryville, the high tech slots. but the operators arr growing more exccted about next week's planned opening. >>>we are convinced we will have the best slot loor on the all new and top-notch. >> members of the state lots they say this casino will employ 350 people and generate millions of dollars in much needed revenue..3 >> it looks like it is operational and ready to go. it is attractive. what people are going to expect to see, in one of these slots facilities. >> we are one of the first. >> penn national owns the casino has been criticized for its role in trying to defeat the slots referendum at the mall. cordish company that wantt o put slots in arundel county claims penn national has violated the terms of the licensing agreement ot to interfere with the operations of another casino. >> the chairmmn of the slots location committee said he is hopeful that the liigering dispute over political ads for ú%e sloos referendum at arundel mills will in any way impact the scheduled opening of this casino. >> we would certainly not like to see a delay in this one. and we are
of baltimore due to an accident involving a jackknifed tractor-trailer leaking fuel. getting into perryville, exit onto route 40 and get back onto the interstate. left side of the screen is northbound out of springfield, looking good. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 5:21, 60 degrees. >> coming up, the redskins against the cowboys, the game that define sports rivalry. last night it delivered alba thrills. we have a highlights coming up. >> today, oprah winfrey's seroquel season begins with special guests are john travolta and if, and one of the biggest surprises in "the oprah show" history. today at 4:00 on abc 7. >>> welcome back. it wasn't the biggest win and not the prettiest performance. >> but it was an opening night win over the famed cowboy is. the redskins' single touchdown came on this unbelievable mistake about the trouble is. gambled.oys candl deangelo hall got a score. coach shanahan is crediting the fans with the berlin. -- the win. >> the crowd was a big part of this. they made a lot of noise. two penalties dictated by the crowd. a couple of snap quds. -- cuts.all >> the redskins
the license for this hollywood casino meaning they are ready to open their doors on monday. inside perryville's hollywood casino the staff is putting their finishing touches. >> we would like to get open because we want people to come and try us out. >> reporter: it's full of machines from classics to new ones like sex in the city. >> we went out and got slots that even las vegas casinos don't have. >> reporter: the show busy theme here lends itself to the latest movie promotions, but the casino says what they are really promoting is maryland. expecting to generate more than a million year in local state taxes and employing people from hartford and cecil county. >> i was really fortunate to get the job. gladly i didn't have to look for too long for it. >> reporter: the operators are hoping to lure gamblers from casinos in delaware. >> i'm really excited. i'm going for my birthday. >> reporter: grand opening won't happen until thursday morning. in perryville, derek valcourt. >> the casino will open its doors every day at 8:00 in the morning and close at 2:00 a.m. >>> a state mental hospital pa
pen national gaming said it is working to open a 1500 machine casino in perryville on september 30th. now perryville is 70 miles from the d.c. beltway. and by the way, a trial run casino night for charity is scheduled for this weekend. >>> a man accused of beating his dog to death is ordered to volunteer at the spca. neighbors called police after seeing 48-year-old derek chambers beating his miniature pinscher with a pipe. police found the dog tied up in a garbage bag in the bed of his truck in baltimore. he was charged with several counts of animal cruelty, but during court proceedings city prosecutors agreed not to push forward with charges if he agreed to perform 50 hours of community service at the maryland spca. but the agency said, no thanks. >>> ahead, death watch from virginia's death row. theresa lewis prayed for a last- minute miracle to live. we'll hear from her attorney ahead. >>> and one of the country's most prominent pastors is caught up in a sex scandal. we'll tell you more when 9 news now comes back in two minutes. >>> the consumer product safety commission is recall
in our state. it's located in perryville, cecil county. there's a map there. the gambling started just about an hour ago. three days earlier than expected. perryville slots were supposed to open on thursday instead but the casino got the license over the weekend after successful trial runs saturday. this is the first slots parlor to open in maryland since voters approved slots nearly two years ago. operators at perryville say that they are happy to be the first to open in the state and to boost the local economy and then also provide hundreds of jobs in the area. >> we have 350 employees, 80% of which are from harford and cecil counties. so, to be the first, i think it's just an exciting thing for everybody. >> hollywood casino is 35,000 square feet, has 1,500 slot machines, two restaurants and some shops. the grand opening ceremonies will be on thursday. >>> we're going to send it over to justin. it's been rainy out there. when is drier weather ahead? i know we needed the rain. >> pull that lever, i think we'll get a jackpot of moisture. we already had -- pardon the pun but we had the
next week. a company is working to open the new casino in perryville next thursday. a trial casino night for charity is scheduled for this weekend. >>> next, fighting terrorism in the united states. >>> experts have a dire warning for congress. that story is coming up. >>> many people have had lacic eye surgery. there is a new warning. >>> good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, all the buses on number 3 working with a 35 minute delay. the number five will be diverted for construction and the 10 and 30 buses diverted. light rail metro subway and mark all look good for your travels. for the transit team, i'm mark jones. ♪ [ femaleodeú @ u olsehe @ which free detergent are you washing them in? switch to tide free & gentle. no other free detergent is milder on skin. and unlike the leading free detergent, tide free & gentle removes more residue from dirt, food, and stains. so you can be confident about every outfit you put her in, even the ones she chooses. tide free & gentle. style is an option. clean is not. also look for downy and bounce free. >>> na scooter, i'm never be
. >>> business was booming today at maryland's first slots parlor. the perryville hollywood casino, about 60 miles north of the beltway opened three days ahead of schedule. the parlor, just off of i-95 is home to 8500 -- 1500 slot machines and owners expect to generate $800 million a year in taxes. maryland voters approve the slots four years ago. the casino will have an official grab opening on thursday. -- grand opening on thursday. >> it tells you people have been waiting for a casino in maryland for a long time. they have been anxious. something like 40% of the delaware casino's business has come from maryland residents over the past few years. so i think they are anxious to spend their money in their own state. >>> meanwhile in anne arundel county, voters will decide in november whether to allow a similar casino at the anne arundel mills mall. >>> maryland's second busiest airport is getting the first air traffic control tower. the facility at frederick caters to private pilots. it will be funded with $4.8 million from the american recovery and reinvestment act. officials expect the fre
. and go out the door. >> reporter: in perryville, we have a crash that has route 222 at 275 close in both directions. traffic lights are not working at davidson bill road. i'll give a complete list of downed trees and wires, for issues on any of the major roadways at this time, just building volume. back to you. >>> 6:44 right now. milton hill was the guy who solved -- shoveled the snow off the steps of the church. no way should he have died like this. >> reporter: police believe someone shot hill for his green scooter. it has been almost two months since he was murdered behind his home next to the church. an army of volunteers took to the streets, pulling up weeds and painting. they want to get rid of the criminal element. the 70-year-old was a beloved member of the ark church, known as a dedicated caretaker, going out of his way to help others. >> we are convinced we are going to prevail. in spite of the criminal element, i believe people want too do what is right. i think we are going to see that with this park and all that come forward is that the ark church is looking for a donation
reported up in perryville in harper county. police are also still working an accident at the baltimore county line on the eastbound lanes of route 40. right now looking at our drive times however, no problems around the beltway. looking good from bel air to providence. 95 southbound. traffic starting to build slightly. a four minute ride from white marsh on down. we check our cameras, we are looking pretty good so far here at 83 and warren road. northern baltimore county got hit hard with storms, debris is blocking a couple of intersections. i'll let you know about those in a few minutes. >>> after milton hill was murdered, his daughter said this. i know you are out there i know you are watching me and i'm watching you. you will be uncovered. that scooter? you'll never be able to ride it. he was known as the church guy and he was murdered over his scooter. summer has turned into fall and so far no suspects. >>> it has been almost two months since hill was shot to death behind his home next to the church. people from hill's community are doing something about it. the neighborhood playgr
the end of the monday. their they are opening a 1500 machine center in perryville. it is -- 70-miles from the dc beltway. a charity night is scheduled for this weekend. >>> coldwell banker released the annual list of the most expensive and affordable housing markets in the u.s. the costliest city is newport beach, california. the average home costs $1.8 million. the least expensive is detroit where the same home would cost $68,000. in our home the most expensive city to buy a home is alexandria where the average is 7305. and the least is $165,000 in lynchburg. in maryland the most expensive is bethesda. the at least expensive hagerstown. and the average home in the district costs about $539,000. >>> and people in arlington may have to shell out extra cash to build or renovate their highway patrols. the county is looking at recommendations to improve energy efficiency. lindsey mastis opening the books on a new home where people have paid a lot of green to stay green. >> this 5,000 square foot house is the home of the future at least in arlington. it is 45% more energy efficient but comes w
opened. voters approved a slots on referendum in 2008. the perryville casino is opening three days earlier than scheduled because construction finished more quickly than expected. no table games. 350 new jobs have been created. 80% of the new employees are from cecil and harford counties. they are proud to be starting a new era in maryland deeming. >> all our cast members are smiling from ear to ear. >> the casino will open its doors at 8:00 a.m. this morning. reporting live, kim dacey, wbal- tv 11 news. >> police are charging a patient in howard county with the murder of a fellow patient. a hospital nurse found susan sachs dead yesterday morning. saladin taylor is charged in the strangulation. susan sachs was accused of stabbing a social worker back in 2004. a woman isn't shock trauma after she was shot during a domestic dispute. this was just before 4:00 p.m. sunday afternoon. police say she suffered non- life-threatening injuries. a male suspect is in custody. >> a man is dead after a motorcycle crash. this happened on east jarrettsville road sunday morning. the motorcycle slid
to gamble, a hollywood casino in perryville will open earlier than planned. a trial run went well saturday night. it is the first casino since the state banned slot machine gambling in the 1960's. >> i am excited, and so are the staff here as well. just smiling from ear to ear yesterday. has 1500 slot r machines but no table games. we're told 80% of that new employees are from cecil county and harford county. last week, ravens quarterback joe flacco had quite possibly the worst game of his career. he seems to have shaken up off with the help of a new weapon. he went to order 62 yards and three touchdowns against the cleveland browns. next week to take on the undefeated pittsburgh steelers. great game. still ahead, the new high-tech way computer hackers are getting into your passports, and details on how you can protect yourself. >> but i got five wrong and i have not lost one yet. >> the pastor defend themselves against allegations he lured boys into sexual relationships. >> very scary stuff. passengers aboard a delta airlines flight experience a little more than turbulence on the way to t
in northeast baltimore. >>> today the casino in perryville will have its grand opening. the 35,000 square foot slots parlor in cecil county has 1500 slot machines, two restaurants all set in hollywood movie-themed backdrops. the mayor among others will be on hand for a ribbon-cutting ceremony today. >>> in democracy 2010: the race for maryland's next governor, the man currently holding the job has a big name backing him. michael bloomberg will endorse governor martin o'malley in his election race. mr. bloomberg's endorsement will be announced today. >>> the maryland green party has nominated kenneth henry to replace her daughter on the ballot for the party in the race for state senator. pedigroo died after she was hit by a car in howard county. >>> well today after you eat dinner, head to the cold stone creamery for a free sunday. >> any time there's something free, we'll tell you about it. >> 11-year-old kate created a special sunday for make a wish foundation. three ounce samples are being given out today at cold stone creamery. runs from 5:00 tonight until 8:00. >> katie's creations consist
of 195 so far, so good. if you're traveling in and out of cecil county, no delays at the perryville else to. -- tolls. looking good. latest on the buses and trains, we go to kurt kroncke. >> good morning, sarah. we've got a delay on the 51 bus, running 20 minutes late and the five bus diverting because of construction. and light rail on time service. metro subaway both east and westbound. on time service on the pen and cam done and brunswick lines. tony pann? >> we're off to a quiet start. but it is chilly this morning. temperatures have managed to dip back into the 40's. 42 in york, pennsylvania. 51 at the airport. if you're near the water or downtown, it's warmer. 61 at the maryland science center. skies are clear right now. beautiful sunrise. a lot of sunshine during the day today. we can see some rain on the radar. showers and thunderstorms coming across the upper midwest and a frontal boundary that may come to visit us as we head into tomorrow afternoon. but as it gets closer to us there will be a push of warm air. so we'll see a dramatic climb in temperatures as we head toward the
. there are plenty of bells and whistles, but at the hollywooo caasno in perryville, technicians are still tweaking thhse igh-tech slot machines -ore excited next week's planned ooeninn. >> thh best slots n tte east coass as far as the prooucts thaa'' out there. all new and it's all top notch. >> reporter: members of theeslot commmssson are also optimistic. people and generate millioos of dollars in much--eeded revenue. p> i thinn it's very attractive. it's what people are going to expect to see in ne f hese slots facilities. >> reporter: and slots -ommission chaarman on frey sayy he's hopeful the lingering dispute ver thhse ads both for and against the slots aa referendum will havv any impact fox 45 news aa 5530.uleddopening >>> if you drive in the city, no baltimore's roads are in critical conditioo. but now we know how much tte bad @%aas are costing mmtorists. jeff abell standing by with thh it ddesn't sound so good, jeff. >> reporter: yyu're right. here in the baltimore metro area -nd hances are you'll feel a bump in the road. a new study shows that this area's roadways are the tenth wo
then himself. >> slot machines in maryland.. next week ooening of the location in perryville could be put on hold. >> another beautiful day. we could see uch-needed rain later this week. best chance for showers in my sky watch forecast. >>> and kids and adhd. why more medicine might not be the% answer if original treatmenn is unsuccesssfl. is unsuccesssfl. >>> >> good evening..% >> just down the hall from the killer. woman who was near the gunman at johns hopkins hospital last week shares her terriiying story of survival. >> kathleen tells us the hospptal visitor turned to a higher power for help. >> he says after the shot was fired there was a lot of commotion in the hallway as people ran for cover. she tells us sse started to ray. when she ound herself barricaded in a rrom with 4 other people. when gun man fired shots on the eighth there are of ohns hhpkins hos hospitall the ddb was uss ddwn the hall. >> so we kept the door shut. loud noise. >>reporter: she was with hhr mother-in-law a patient along wwth two therapiss and a nurse. >> physical therapist cracked the door op
? >> hollywooddcasino in perryville opeeed the doors at hollywood had a o-called soft opening saturday. and things went very well. maayland gaming officials decided to ssgn the license sunday. paving the way for today's early owning. >> well normally i doosomething productive on monday morning. ú%ke plly golf. or do some other recreatiooal thing. i said, well, lets deviatt from the normaalactiviiy. ú%d why not try to gamble. >> he has fun on monday. two hours into the opening, a baltimore woman won $5000 on a dollar slot machine. onto the question of the day. ú%ll you play slots in maryland casinos? 52 percent say yes. ester writes on facebook. heck yes, i have been waiting forever for slots to come to thú state of maryland. now bring them to arundel mills and i will be happier. but stacy writee. no, maryland gets enough of my money rom my taxes. see you, at delaware park. ú% southweet airlines is buying airtran. once approved the $115 billion deal will put southwest in %-airlines.etition with delta deal gives southwest a bigger sliceeof the mark in citiis like -oston and new york. sales expected
in perryville, technicians are still tteaking those high-tech slot machines, but the operatorú are growing more excited about next week's opening. >> as far as the producc that is top notch. >> reporter: members of the slots commission are also ootimistic,,they say this casino generate millions of dollars. >> it's veey attractive. it's what people expect to see in one offthese slots facilities worse penn national which owns tte ccsino hhs bben criticized -or its role in trying to defeat the slots referendum at anne arundel mill's malls.ú they claim that pen national has violated its contract noo to enter sphere with another cassno. he is hopeful that the lingering dispute for the slots referennum at tte anne arundel millsswouldú not impact the opening of this kapcasino. >> we still feel that we made the approoriate decision for an >> reporter: here as kass info hollywooatcasino at perryvy is set forrnext tuesday. >>> why the suspect told police he did it and how much time will he spend behind bars. >>> next osing out this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mai
in perryville has 1500 slot machines ready to go at 8:00 a.m. this morningg the opening is happening three days ahead of schedull..3 the soft opening and fundraiser on saturday wwnt so well hat gaming officials allowwd the casino to open in just a few hours. $97.5 million in the place and ú%nished construction foor weeks early. the maryland state lottery owns or issleasing the 1500 state of the art sllt machines there. that should bring milliins of dollars a year in state revenue. %--he maryland can start competg with the border tates that have beennin slots for years. >> object vasly thobviously thei the ccoseet casino is 300miles. but the product we have here,3ú tte slots, it's going to be the best slots product on the east coast.ú have been created nd 80% of the employees are cecil and harford coonty, maryland residents. governor oomalley will be on hand for the big ribbon cutting on tuesday and the downs casino willlbe the next slots parlor to %-three others thaa ere recenty planned could be a year or even more away. >>> city police are called to late night shooting innnorthwest balt
at the hollywood casino in perryville, maryland. they turned out despite the fact it was ' announced to be open 12 hours before. own ers expect to create 350 jobs an millions of dollars in tax revenue. 8:00 in the morning. >> hey, you want to play, you want to play. >> i guess so. >> get out of their way. >>> the rain is coming. >> yeah, it is but we have showers here and i'm looking a the trend. even though we have a flood watch until 8:00 the concern is not that high. i'm more concerned with what happen on thursday when the next system with that tropical moisture connection comes in. we have soaked the ground a little bit. so less runoff on thursday. look at what has been happening since yesterday. flood watch in affect until 8:00 this morning. all the counties in the dark green and not terribly concerned other than isolated spots mainly west. not a lot of rain overnight. fairly quiet and to the west. here's the big picture. we will show you the moisture rotating in. off shore we have the thunderstorms. another wave hit west virginia and western pennsylvania. in between we have a line of showers
slot parlor opens in perryville off of 95 in cecil county. the parlor is opening this morning at 8:00. three days ahead of schedule. >>> also this morning, new security measures are put in to place at a busy metro station and it could affect your morning commute. you will see the changes today at the pentagon metro station on the blue and yellow line. kristin fisher is live in arlington with the story. >> good morning, kristin. >> good morning. these changes are going to be a little bit inconvenient, but you know the good news is they shouldn't add too much time to your morning commute, if any time at all. so that's the good news there. break it down for you. these changes are all because of what happened here last march. you may remember when john patrick bedell opened fire at this check.in to the pentagon. ever since pentagon officials said they need to move the check points farther away from the actual building. this morning they are going to begin the process of doing just that. here's what it means for you, the commuter. it means that a new pedestrian traffic patten near the p
to defeat martin o'malley in november. he 37% of the vote in 2006. >>> on interstate 95 in perryville the first casino in maryland will open four days ahead of schedule. 1500 slot machines and will create 250 jobs. gov. martin o'malley is expected to be there for the opening. >>> a christian activist from northern virginia is working to heal the rift with muslims caused by the florida pastor terry jones. he sparked outrage after he threatened to burn the koran on september 11. reverend named patrick mahoney of fredericksburg has retrieved the book and plans to distribute them to christian churches as a tool for interfaith dialogue. >> from this negative scenario, i believe something positive will happen. >> we disagree with people on all kinds of things, but we can show them love and respect and dignity. it's one of those books yesterday was given to a fredericksburg church. >>> now to this morning's technology news. skipping the theater. also, sony posted latest upgrade is music to apple's years. >-- ears. >> ping lets you political when you like another user's selections. and it's a
in perryville. all right, luther, let me hear those magic words. >> maestro, the music, if you please. >> all right, it's monday. these guys have been great in rehearsal and we're ready to rock 'n' roll. the big walk coming up saturday. stand by. [crowd singing manic monday. [crowd singing manic monday] >>> nice idea to have the butterfly. >> you guys were phenomenal. >> we'll invite you back in november! [ cheers and applause ] . [ laughter ] >> great job, the lupus foundation of america. the d.c. chapter, thank you, and the big walk saturday. give yourselves one more big hand! [ cheers and applause ] >> and that's just around the corner. well, it's coming up. that's two months away. >> don and bern, the admiral is up. >> well, i think they're on the phone. >> enjoy this day. >> see ya. sometimes, we wake up some guests. yes. >> but it's a good thing. it's positive. >> yeah. >> it's positive. >> we'll take a break and be back. look at how gorgeous it looks and the delmarva bluffs are in view. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,, >>> good morning, once again, everyone. it's a warmer morning and s
's first casino is now open for business. hollywood casino employs about 350 people located in perryville about 40 miles north of baltimore. the state hopes it will compete with casinos in neighboring states that have been attracting maryland gamblers for years. >>> d.c.'s top cop under fire tonight. coming up next the court decision that sparked a war of words and what it could mean for chief cathy lanier's job. >>> plus the u.s. in air cyber war with iran? the computer virus that's wreaking havoc at nuclear power plants and the accusations aimed at the pentagon. >>> but first a quick check of our rundown. the news edge at 11:00 coming right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  >>> a news edge investigation tonight on a war of words between the d.c. fraternal order of police and attorney general peter nickles. a jury recently found d.c. police chief cathy lanier guilty of violating the whistleblower protection act by retaliate against three officers. -- retaliating against three officers. now the fop wants chief lanier fined and fired but the attorney gene
. >>> in perryville the hollywood casino is open for business today. >> anquan bolden is pretty good. the ravens beat the browns yesterday but we're already thinking steelers sunday. >> baltimore in the national spotlight. big hearts, big smiles from girls hope on "extreme makeover: home edition." was that fun or what? >> can i have your autograph? >> can you knock it off? >> do you remember me? >> who are you? >> look at your head. no. that was great. >> it was amazing. >> come on, everybody. who did you hear from out of the blue on, like facebook or whatever? >> friends, family, co-workers. i think, it was literally 10 seconds. the whole show was so good and the girls were so moving. the stories were really inspiring. >> great thrill. hope everybody saw it. we'll tell you more about it in a minute. >>> good morning, i'm jamie costello. here's the star. >> i'm not even going to respond. i'm just sending it to justin. please save me with weather. >>> we'll get soaked this morning. we'll need a rain jacket or umbrella. we have something we have not had in a long time, a rainy pattern, for a couple of
at the new hollywood casino in perryville maryland. the crowd turned out despite the fact the early opening was announced just 12 hours ahead of time. this is the first slots parlor in maryland since voters okay' d the idea four years ago. the owners expect to create about 350 jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue. >>> president barack obama says the worst performing school teachers have got to go if they don't get better and fast. that was part of his address this morning on education issues in this country. he also created a bit of a stir when he said his two daughters who attend private school could not get the same quality education at a d.c. public school. >> the d.c. public school systems are struggling. now, they have made some important strides over the last several years to move in the direction of reform. >> but some parents of d.c. students at the lucky elementary in southwest don't necessarily agree. >> if you had a chance to talk to the president what would you tell him? >> you're wrong for saying that. >> you have to put your child in the school system, then you can have
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